What’s with the name?
Logosu doesn't make all that much sense at first glance, but neither does google or twitter.

Di-sect the name

Logosu (lo-go-sü) – It can also be viewed as “logos-u” but for the purpose of branding, we decided for the more unique pronunciation. A simple three syllable name can be great for brand purposes. No unique meaning by iteself, but with some thought and effort the name is very marketable. For example, the name “logo” is an obvious term that refers to the face of a brand. This helps connect the name with what we do. However, “su” is a different story all together. If thought of as an acronym, some ideas start to develop.

Stay Unique

With our services, we can make sure that your company stands out among all the others. Don’t be mistaken for another “cookie-cutter” brand. Give meaning to everything you do. Show your clients that you are willing to go the extra mile! Be serious about your brand and others will be serious about you.

Stand Up

Don’t settle for “sub-par” anymore! We hear you loud and clear. You want to get excited about your brand and so do we! We won’t let you settle for less anymore, it’s not in our nature. We’ll make sure you have all of the information from the beginning so you can make the right decision without thinking about it later. It’s your brand so you’ll always be in control.

Stay Uniform

We will make sure that your whole brand works seamlessly together. Whether you want a logo and some stationary or a complete re-branding, it is our goal to see that every piece syncs up perfectly. Because we are a “one-stop solution”, the same designers will be working on your entire project. No need to shop around for individual parts anymore!

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